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-- 2005-12-12

Guest Entry -- Bindyree
-- 2005-12-03

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Guest Entry -- Bindyree

2005-12-03 - 10:17 a.m.

Hi there.

Brin-Marie McLaughlin here, doing a guest entry for Jamie.

For those who don't know me by that name, my Diaryland identity is Bindyree.

This particular name on your Buddy List hasn't been red in over a month, but Jamie wanted me to log into Diaryland on his behalf and let his readers know that he sends you all his love and regards, and despite rumors to the contrary, is still on this side of the dirt.

Due to sudden changing job and living arrangements, Jamie has moved from where he was to where he is.

He's sharing a groovilicious apartment with his sister at the moment, and while his room is comfortable and spacious, he has been unable to set up his own computer and resume his regular online activities.

But fear not, dear readers. He does occasionally have the resources to duck in and read his Buddy List and quickly get his email -- and he is well aware of everybody's concern. He and I are in touch by phone, and he sounds pretty good. Well, he -always- sounds good to me.

Anyway, the main thing he wanted me to make sure to tell everybody is that he's basically okay. Jamie is one of those people who seems to somehow always be able to eventually handle those times when life throws him a curveball -- and it's an honor for me to be counted among his friends.

He'll be back online eventually, and in the meantime, please continue to think good thoughts about him.

Thank you. :-)

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