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Ned. Home. New life.
-- 2005-12-12

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Ned. Home. New life.

2005-12-12 - 2:20 p.m.

Well, hi there!

All is well here in beautiful Hallstead, PA. I've relocated home after my partner was arrested. Long, sordid story. I wanted to move closer to home, and I suppose I got it. Maybe not in the way I had expected it to happen -- but hey. Whatever. It's good to be home.

Thanks to my friend Brin, who made a guest entry for me, and thanks to all of you who continue to read me even though I've been absent from DiaryLand for a long while.

I am now working here a few steps from my sister's apartment -- and yes, in retail. A promotion looks promising soon, my life seems to be faling into order, and I feel pretty good.

The last person I ran into before leaving Broadalbin was Ned Thurber -- an alcoholic douchebag who resides close to Broadalbin, NY.

Heya, Ned? Seek help. I did. Thank the Goddess I don't ever have to see your face again. Nasty fucker.

Ned had the audacity to confront me about my partner's arrest as I was leaving town. I came very close to punching him in the face. Now I wish I had.

Well, I guess I'm done. I'm on my sister's computer until I make a trip to get my things out of storage, and move from my sister's apartment to my own. Until then, you can occasionally read me over at myspace.

Until later!

And love to you all!

(Except, perhaps -- Ned) ;-)


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